2018 Annual Redrock Conference:
Presentations and Handouts

Wednesday, April 4th, 2018

  • Introduction and Demonstration of the Trac 4.0 System – Jodie Huddle
  • Get Your Trac System Up & Running In One Hour – Luis Frias
  • Let’s Get Technical Keegan Johnson

Thursday, April 5th, 2018

  • 10 Steps to Prepare for a New Semester – Iliana Visser
  • Connecting with Students to Improve University Retention and Graduation Rates – Tayyab Arshad, M.Ed
  • Navigate Your Trac System Like a Pro! – Jennifer Turley
  • Communication and Retention with SAGE  – Jon Halter
  • Using TutorTrac as Your Digital Time Clock – Candice Kaup Scioscia
  • Power Search, Lists and Watchlists – Jennifer Turley
  • Trac Data: Collecting It, Searching for It, and Reporting on It – Laurel Grigg Mason & Emily Veres
  • Unleash Your Trac Potential with Sections and Reasons! – Jodie Huddle
  • Consultant Profile Management and Setup – Luis Frias
  • Q2 Tables – Accurate Tracking in Dynamic Study Environments – Jon Halter
  • Going Paperless with TutorTrac Using Consultant Certifications and Docs – Tiffany Patterson Hedges
  • Student Access and View in Trac – Jennifer Turley
  • Utilities, Preferences, and Events… Oh My! – Keegan Johnson
  • The Trac Advantage – Not Your Ordinary “One Size Fits All” Solution – Cathy Craig
  • Pencil Me In: Scheduling Options – Luis Frias

Friday, April 6th, 2018

  • Saving Students With SAGE – Sharon Totten & Kristen Shelton
  • Geek Speak – Keegan Johnson
  • All You Need to Know About Creating Visits – Jennifer Turley
  • Get All the Facts & Figures: Reports at Your Fingertips – Jodie Huddle
  • Is Q2 For You? – Herb Everett
  • How to Determine the Different Levels of User Access – Iliana Visser
  • Maximizing Your Academic Advisement Services with AdvisorTrac – Howart Francis
  • Using TutorTrac to Transform a Tutoring Lab into a Centralized and Comprehensive Learning Center – Kevin Knudsen
  • Administrator Scheduling Preferences – Luis Frias
  • Using Your Trac System to Evaluate and Engage the High Risk Student – Janelle Sokolowich, PhD, MSN/Ed, RN
  • Keep in Touch with Your Students via Email & Text – Jodie Huddle
  • Get the Most Out of Your Center Profile Preferences – Iliana Visser
  • Wrap-Up and Q&A: Prepare for a New Semester – Iliana Visser
  • Wrap-Up and Q&A: Identifying Specific Student Populations – Jennifer Turley
  • Survey Says… – Keegan  Johnson
  • Wrap-up and Q&A: Communication and Retention with SAGE – Jon Halter 
  • Wrap-Up and Q&A: Data In and Data Out – Luis Frias
  • Trac as a Library – Keegan Johnson