FitnessTrac is the ultimate solution to monitor and control access to campus fitness, health, and wellness centers and manage fitness-related courses and grades.


Record a student’s visit at the moment it happens. Capture critical data immediately, reducing errors and overhead.


Allow students to request an appointment with a consultant, advisor, learning center helper, or anyone that can help that student.


Run reports that summarize or detail who is getting help for what reasons. Use that data to analyze what resources are needed and when they are needed.


Campus success is determined by student success. Providing critical help at the moment it is needed enables success for everyone.

Success Strategies for Your Campus

Features at a Glance

Customizable Reports


Campus Portal Support


Automate Tasks


Custom Emails


Integrate Colors & Logo


High-Level TLS Encryption


Powerful Search


Web-Based Access


Support ID Card Readers


Testing Centers


Center-Specific Preferences


Self-Service Kiosks


Online Scheduling


Workshop Attendance


Flag Students


CAS Integration


Surveys and Questionnaires


Custom Access Levels


Text Notifications


Sync Appointments with Other Calendars


What is FitnessTrac?

FitnessTrac is the ultimate management software for fitness and wellness centers at academic institutions. Manage multiple centers across different campuses and locations. Control access based on enrollment status or registration in health and fitness courses. Access is web-based so logins, attendance, and activity can be monitored remotely. Assign course grades based on number of visits and time spent in the fitness and wellness centers. Mark attendance for orientations and workshops as well as provide assignments with a point value that count toward course grades. Maintain accurate records and generate usage reports simply with FitnessTrac.

What do I need to run FitnessTrac?

Compatible with Windows systems as follows:

  • Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista/7/2008/8/2012 Operating System
  • 32- and 64-bit OS
  • Home, Professional, and Server OS versions
  • All Service Packs and Release Candidates
  • Intel Pentium IV-type processor or better
  • 2GB RAM minimum

Redrock Software Corporation recommends that the FitnessTrac server software run on a dedicated server


Optional hardware

The following equipment is optional, but may be utilized by FitnessTrac:
Digital camera (for taking pictures to be imported into FitnessTrac), barcode reader, scanner, wand or other type of ID reading device

Powerful Database Engine

FitnessTrac utilizes the proven technology of 4th Dimension of 4D, Inc. of San Jose, California. FitnessTrac is a native language, compiled, executable application that takes full advantage of the processor of the machine on which it is operating. The time-proven 4D system is in use in many time/security-intensive databases and has been in use for over 15 years.


FitnessTrac requires all users that access the database to have a valid user name and password. Redrock Software recommends utilizing your campus authentication protocol (LDAP, Active Directory, or other) to allow users and students to log into your FitnessTrac system. FitnessTrac is also compatible with SSL/TLS encryption to protect your students’ data across the web.

Protect your data

FitnessTrac supports automatic backups of the data file on a user-defined timed interval. This process can also be handled by the campus’ own software.

As hardware needs change, moving the FitnessTrac software to a different server is a simple task. It’s as simple as dragging and dropping the application directory onto the new server.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many students can we manage with the Trac System?

There is no limitation to the number of students that you can support in your Trac System. A single Trac System might support a specific population of students at a small campus or it may provide services for the entire student population of a large university. The Trac System can scale to work with your needs.

Can I use the Trac System at multiple locations?

Yes, you are free to use the Trac System at as many locations as you like. Based upon your license, however, the locations may have to share the same settings and configurations. For additional configurations within the same license, you will need to purchase additional profiles.

What are Profiles?

A profile is a group of centers that operate in a similar manner and share the same preferences and configuration. The Trac System license comes with one profile and additional profiles may be purchased from Redrock Software Corporation.

Does the Trac System require a server?

Your Trac System may be installed locally at your campus or may be hosted by Redrock Software. When installed at your campus, you must have a dedicated server that meets the Server Requirements. If you would like Redrock Software to host your Trac System, then you will not need to manage a server and will simply work with your Trac System through the web interface.

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