Q2 Tables

Q2 Tables dynamically manages study and work table tutoring and advising scenarios, tracking total time in the center and also recording each individual contact with a consultant.

Record All Visits

Record every visit to your study table center

Mobile Device Friendly

Request assistance from a smartphone or tablet

Self-Service Stations

Utilize kiosks and allow students to sign in/out

A Managed Queue

Students appear on queue when requesting help

Work at Your Pace

No rush, work on your own and request a consultant as needed

Reports Your Way

Reports can display information for study tables center or individual contacts

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Q2 Tables work?
Q2 Tables is a redesign of a log in and out system, specifically for study table centers where students work on their own, but can request assistance as needed. No need to have students raise their hand, flag, or use another device to notify that they need some help – it is completely digital and web-based. Smartphones and tablets drive the queuing system for students that need assistance and for consultants to see the queue and record contacts with students.
Can I just run Q2 Tables without a Trac System?
Q2 Tables cannot run on its own and must be added to a Trac System: AdvisorTrac, TutorTrac, or FitnessTrac. While Q2 Tables is an effective module with a full array of features, the Trac System provides the database, interface, and environment that is required to access and manage the student and visit records.
Does the Trac System require a server?

Your Trac System may be installed locally at your campus or may be hosted by Redrock Software. When installed at your campus, you must have a dedicated server that meets the Server Requirements. If you would like Redrock Software to host your Trac System, then you will not need to manage a server and will simply work with your Trac System through the web interface.

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