Are online appointments possible with TracSystems?

Yes. Students schedule an appointment, and it will appear as a link to a Zoom, WebEx or similar type of session.

How many students can be managed with TracSystems?

There is no limitation – TracSystems can scale to work with your needs. A single TracSystems installation might support a specific population of students at a small campus, or it may provide services for the entire student population of a large university.

Can TracSystems operate at multiple centers on one campus?

Yes, you are free to use TracSystems at as many locations as you like. Based upon your license, however, the locations may have to share the same settings and configurations. For additional configurations within the same license, you will need to purchase additional profiles.

What are Profiles?

A profile is a group of centers that operate in a similar manner and share the same preferences and configuration. The TracSystems license comes with one profile and additional profiles may be purchased from Redrock Software Corporation.

How do I decide between TutorTrac or AdvisorTrac?

TutorTrac and AdvisorTrac are very similar in design and interface. The primary differences are related to the nuances between tutoring and advising. When providing tutoring, the perspective is typically subject- or course-based. Students book appointments with tutors based on their need for assistance in a particular course. Generally, advising takes a macro-view of the student and provides help for the student to succeed in school. The main differences are in how the appointments are scheduled, visits are recorded, and consultants are notified.