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    SAGE Early Alert Module

SAGE, which stands for Student Alerts and Grouped Events, is a customizable system that creates an easy pathway of online communication between faculty and center staff on behalf of challenged students. SAGE allows schools to customize a simple form that facilitates a faculty intervention and referral to the appropriate center.

SAGE provides a significant enhancement to the TracSystem, opening additional layers of interaction and communication between faculty, students and staff. Expand the functionality of your TracSystem and develop a powerful and easy-to-use early alert system that benefits all.


Quickly and easily identify potential issues with student learning before issues become serious.

Intervene by creating referrals for students utilizing a custom, simple, and intuitive form.

Recommend specific actions for the student, such as attend a workshop, visit a tutoring or learning center, speak with an advisor or coach, meet with the course professor or other tailored procedures.

Send targeted emails to the various parties that need to receive notice of the alert with followup reporting and tracking.


Technical Information

SAGE must be installed onto a TracSystem: AdvisorTrac, TutorTrac, or FitnessTrac. While SAGE is a significant module with a full array of features, the TracSystem provides the database, interface and environment required to access and manage student records.

For email notifications to be sent by SAGE, your TracSystem must be configured to send email through your mail server.

Your SAGE Early Alert module is accessed via your TracSystem and whichever secure campus authentication protocol is in place, be it LDAP, Active Directory, CAS, Blackboard, or other. Redrock Software also recommends that access to your TracSystem and SAGE be secured with TLS encryption.