• TutorTrac by Redrock Software Corporation


TutorTrac is the complete management solution developed for the specific needs of learning, writing, tutoring, academic skills and other centers that support students in higher education. As a web-based application, TutorTrac provides on-demand access to essential tools, such as appointment scheduling, logging visits and activity reports. Record contact with students in any physical location or online environment. Find and schedule appointments with tutors based on specific subjects. Track the activity of specific populations of students, such as athletes or first-year students, to identify usage and support needs. Enter attendance for required sessions or workshops. Link activity to course enrollments and faculty. Supply powerful instruments to staff and deliver more services to students, yet simplify the management of your centers with TutorTrac.


TutorTrac Features:

  • Web-Based Access

  • Customizable reports

  • Powerful Search

  • Campus Portal Support

  • Automation of Tasks

  • Custom Emails

  • Integration with Campus Colors & Logos

  • High-Level TLS Encryption

  • Multi-Person Study Table Help

  • Utilize ID card readers

  • Testing Center support

  • Center Specific Preferences

  • Self-Service Kiosks

  • Online Scheduling

  • Online Appointments

  • Workshop Enrollment & Management

  • Flag Students

  • CAS Integration

  • Surveys & Questionnaires

  • Supplemental Instruction

  • Custom Access Levels & Security

  • Text Notifications

  • Syncing to Calendars & Online Applications

  • Collaborative Writing Center Help

  • Reporting