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    Starfish Export Module

The Starfish Export module provides an extract of data from your TracSystem that meets the specifications to import to your Starfish system. Because many TracSystem users may also utilize Starfish to track and report their retention, the Starfish Export module provides a simple interface for users to set up an export from the TracSystem that meets the Starfish specifications. If you utilize the TracSystem and Starfish at your campus, you may need this module to facilitate communication between the two systems.


Technical Information

The key to this module is the setup of the export fields, file name, and location. The Starfish Export module is set up in your TracSystem preferences where fields are defined, such as the student identifier, and the dates, file name, and file location are all determined. The process is then run on an automated basis from your Automated Events for a simple, hands-off connection between Starfish and your TracSystem.